A Review on the Causes of Poverty and Poor Health Condition

More than 1.2 billion individuals of whole world live in extreme poverty. Poverty makes poor health since it powers individuals to live in situations that make them prone to diseases, without good living conditions, clean water or sufficient sanitation.

UTBT, an educational charity in Malawi works for the every possible support that underpins nations to outline the wellbeing strategies, that is, policies which organize and react to the requirements of needy individuals. UTBT believes that providing education along with uplifting poor people by providing food, shelter etc will have a huge impact for future generations. Education can help not only in mere professional records but also make them know the importance of being in good surroundings too.

Poverty and weakness worldwide are inseparably connected. The reasons for illness for millions all inclusive are established in political, social and financial shameful acts. That is the reason it is so urgent to handle the reasons of illness and also the side effects. Show gratuity for charity through small donations and you can transform lives of many poor people.

Show gratuity for charity

Show Gratuity for Charity

Poverty builds your possibility of getting sick as a result of:

  • Very poor nutrition
  • Inadequate or no clean water
  • Overpopulation

Illness and bad health affect poverty by:

  • Reducing a family’s work profitability
  • Leading families to offer resources for take care of the expenses of treatment. This builds poverty and their weakness to stuns later on.
  • Children can’t go to school

This is the reason why it is important to donate for educational charity in Malawi

Some of the other factors include:

  • Infectious diseases

Tuberculosis, diarrhea, HIV, malaria – and additionally tropical illnesses – kill number of the poorest and most powerless individuals every year. This removes kids and teachers from school and destroys economies by assaulting individuals in their most profitable years.

  • Conflicts among people

Where war and inner clash exists there is another layer of hazard and defenselessness that extends the cycle.

  • Climate change

The impacts of environmental change and natural corruption are as of now undermining to demolish livelihood and spread illness.

  • Political and financial structures

The financial and political structures that don’t take a step forward to bring down poverty should be changed all together.

Show gratuity for charity by:

  • Working towards another improvement system that organizes basic change like awareness of cleanliness and ways to achieve it.
  • Where help is required, is must be unsurprising and a greater amount of it must go towards fortifying national wellbeing frameworks, not simply handling particular maladies.
  • Must put a more noteworthy need on health condition and address the requirement for evenhanded, widespread wellbeing scope.
  • Addressing the components that maintain the cycle of poor health, for example, poor nourishment, hazardous water and sanitation and an absence of training must be a need. This implies drastically diminishing poverty.
  • Must find a way to handle the trade and protected barriers for easy access to medications for the world’s poor.



About UTBT

Make a donation for a friend or family member for their next birthday or special occasion. With a gift of $50 we will send a custom card to whomever you would like to give in the name of. $100 puts you on our Wall of Fame which will be constructed on location in Malawi and a digital copy will be available for your viewing pleasure. donate@underthebaobabtree.org

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