Make a donation for a friend or family member for their next birthday or special occasion. With a gift of $50 we will send a custom card to whomever you would like to give in the name of. $100 puts you on our Wall of Fame which will be constructed on location in Malawi and a digital copy will be available for your viewing pleasure.

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Proven 5 Ways to Help Poor People and Gift them a Good Life

On one hand, there are individuals who carry on with their life extravagantly. They are enjoying to the core as well as have what they need and craving; a lavish living giving them an additional solace. Then again, there are individuals who can’t manage the cost of the fundamental necessities of living. They don’t have…

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A Review on the Causes of Poverty and Poor Health Condition

More than 1.2 billion individuals of whole world live in extreme poverty. Poverty makes poor health since it powers individuals to live in situations that make them prone to diseases, without good living conditions, clean water or sufficient sanitation. UTBT, an educational charity in Malawi works for the every possible support that underpins nations to…

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