Check out the facilities to poor children offered by UTBT as a charitable trust

Children of poor families are facing an uphill battle due to the extreme poverty. Being in dangerous, dirty circumstances often lack basic facilities and safe environments for children and their families and thus they are prone to health problems, diseases, malnutrition, illiteracy and drug abuse. UTBT works hard to promote every child rights and provides all facilities to build a better future generation. These are some of our facilities to poor children for their upliftment in the society.

  • Education

Education is significant for development and is the most powerful tool in to break the cycle of poverty and starting a cycle of progression. We do plan investments more for the children’s education in Malawi. UTBT puts more in education than whatever other system range. We work to guarantee kids, their families and groups get the education and life abilities they have to understand their maximum potential.

  • Health

UTBT offers some assistance with building health facilities to poor children, train human services specialists and put money in medicine so kids can survive and grow up strong and healthy. We are focused on working with kids, communities and partners to guarantee rights of children to a healthy begin in life.

We work with professional medical service providers to screen the nourishment and diet of kids to prevent lack of healthy food and to promote a healthy way of life at home and at school. With a solid focus on maternal and health after delivery for ladies and girls, we guarantee the health of moms and their kids amid the critical stages some time recently, amid and after labor.

facilities to poor children

  • Water and sanitation

Access to clean water, sanitation and cleanliness is basic for the survival, development and prosperity of children. UTBT works with groups to enhance access to safe drinking water and sterile Facilities to Poor Children year-round and amid crises. We connect with groups to create answers for nearby issues, including managing the waste.

  • Protection

Violence against kids has a staggering effect – which is a threat to kids’ survival, development and in the society participation. A principal break of their human rights, brutality against children is sadly across the board. Child security is vital to all that we do. We convey focused on projects to address particular insurance issues, similar to kid trafficking, beating in schools, female genital cutting and child marriage.

  • Financial security

A huge number of individuals battle to meet their most essential every day needs, leading them to economic instabilities and consequences related to it. Kids are frequently the first to feel the impacts, being compelled to go hungry or leave school to gain an income for their family.

UTBT works with kids, their families and groups to overcome neediness through reasonable answers for building income sources, offering them some assistance with becoming stronger and better ready to adapt in times of financial trouble and also provide Education in Malawi.

  • Crises

At the point when a disaster hits, UTBT prepares individuals and assets rapidly, to guarantee the prompt and long term needs to help poor children and families. From giving urgent help to running recuperation projects, we attempt to ensure the privileges of kids and youngsters at each phase of our crisis reaction. We can have all the effect when the most exceedingly bad happens also.

UTBT works with kids, their families and groups to distinguish risks after disaster and fortify their resilience. We guarantee that kids have a noteworthy voice in a disaster response choice. We additionally work with different accomplices to counteract future crises and lessen their effect. In the majority of this, kid security is foremost. We organize furnishing children with safe spaces, education and support emotionally as a feature of our prompt disaster reaction.

About UTBT

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